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MORE DETAILS HERE hello there..
Re: wake up! I'm so sorry about losing your dogs Rico. At least you know they'Re with great people. I know if I ever had to give up Kyuss I would be heartbroken. I hope your situation improves soon!..
Re: wake up! With your attitude, you will be a person to be noticed, no doubt about it. As someone who works with a breeder of show dogs, I can tell you right off, there is no money ever made in dog breedi..
Re: Gone Home This is grievous news about Tara. This does means the nerves are dying in her bowel and not at all good. Both Tasha and Raina had that near the end and it just broke my heart. Knowing the nobi..
Re: wake up! better myself, my financial issues and what not. Learn from all these experiences. What ever doesn't kill you surely makes you stronger, that I firmly believe. I am great full off all the hard..
Re: Gone Home [quote="meezermom":2yrowhij]What makes it easier is knowing Raina is better now. Things were so bad for her there at the end. And it was really affecting everything and everyone. Sky..
Re: wake up! Maybe this was meant to be....just as all that has happened. No one really knows! What are you going to do with your life now?..
Re: Gone Home What makes it easier is knowing Raina is better now. Things were so bad for her there at the end. And it was really affecting everything and everyone. Skylar and Willow were so tense and fearf..
Re: Gone Home Meezer, I am so, so sorry for you sad loss. I know this is late, I haven't popped in for a while and am only just seeing the bad news. My deepest sympathies. Rest in peace, sweet Raina. Poor..
Re: wake up! Yes I can still see them. I live on a really small island rarely a month can go by and me not see everyone I know in that time span. The good thing about simba is the memory that when I told ..
Re: wake up! Rico, I am so sorry to hear all this.....You have got to be hurting so much to have had to give up the kids. We know how very attached you are to them and to have to place them really must hav..
wake up! first off we are 3 months into 2012 and this is the first topic of the year? anyway this place wont die because though fairly inactive people like me will always return now and then. updatin..
Re: Just some more J Yeah, it has been a while! Man, he looks so much like Tasha did! Hard to believe it is almost two years since she went to the Bridge! And Raina has been gone a month now....this year may turn ..
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A dog's health is just as important as a human's health, while a dog's training, well... you know what that can do... They become part of the family and must be treated as such. Having a dog is great, but they also need to be taken care of.  Sometimes getting a dog of the right breed is often done in a hasty way, so before getting one you should always consider several points. First is the considerable budget you'll need for dog food, visits to the vet, medicine, vaccines and different dog supplies you will want to get. You will also have to consider where he will sleep, eat and play.

Once that is settled, you must learn how to take care of your dog. Giving your dog well balanced dog food is essential. From when they are puppies, the recommended amount is feeding them between four to three times a day, once they are more than six months, go down to two times a day and after a year, once a day. Never feed them any left overs they might have, always put clean and new food in their plate that way you avoid the risk of them eating decomposed food and getting sick. And always have fresh water in their bowl. Water must be changed everyday or anytime you see it's dirty.

Every dog is special and each one has different needs. They go through three different stages in their lives from being a puppy, to an adult, to being an old dog and each stage has to be treated differently.

A puppy is very energetic, so they need the right nutrition to make up for all the energy they are using. An adult dog also has to be fed according to his physical activity and his size. An older dog requires special nourishment, they sometimes prefer to eat several times a day instead of one. The best option for this stage is finding food with low proteins. Your veterinarian can provide you with information on what vaccinations your dog health needs, when they should be administered and under what conditions. It's important to know that there are several brands in the market and each one providing you different qualities. Vaccinating your dog either from when he's a puppy to an adult dog is essential to prevent any disease. Before vaccinating your puppy, make sure he doesn't have any internal parasites, if not the vaccine might not reach the desired efficiency. If you have a puppy it is important to immunize him starting the sixth week and the veterinarian will tell you how often has to be repeated again. Adult dogs usually are vaccinated annually with a vaccine that covers all major dog diseases.

Having a dog is wonderful, but having a well-trained dog is even better. That is why it is important to train them and teach them at least the basics like how to behave, not to destroy objects from the house or sit on the furniture and where they have to go potty. With this you can leave your house knowing you will not come back to it and find it ruined. With basic training, your dog will learn how to receive simple orders such as sit, stay, down and come. The best age to start training your dog is when they are puppies, this will help them learn faster. It is advisable to seek a professional to train your dog, but there are also various tricks that one can apply. Dedication and patience is required for an effective dog training. Never hit your dog trying to train or educate him. Obedience training is one of the most important training there is not just for your dog, but for you. This will help give effective communication between you and your dog and let him know who's the boss and what he has to do. Training your dog isn't just to teach him dog tricks and potty training, it helps moderate your dog so you can both live in harmony.

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