20 Most Heroic Dogs On Earth

If you thought that mans best friend only saved lives in the movies then think again. There are living breathing Dogs out there who put there doggy lives on the line every day so that we can continue to live our peaceful lives. So lets give them the recognition they deserve by at least knowing who the 20 Most Heroic Dogs On Earth are.

1. Gina Military Hero Dog Returns Home

Stress gets to everyone, even our dogs. Gina is a trained bomb sniffer who has been working with the Air force as a bomb sniffing dog in Iraq. She worked daily, under dangerous situations that even highly trained military personnel are afraid to undertake. She had to come back home because she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She has recovered now and might be going back to Iraq to resume her duties if the Vets give the go signal.


2. Buddy -  Dog Leads Trooper to Fire

Buddy is one of those normal dogs who rose up to the occasion when the situation called for it. He was not trained and is said to be pretty shy but when an explosion injured his owner, Ben Heinrichs, he went for help when Ben commanded him to. The search team couldn't find Ben because the GPS wasn't working so when Buddy saw them he lef them to his injured owner.


3. Baby - Pit bull hero saving owner’s life

Baby, a 4 yr old Pit-bull, saved her owner when their apartment burned down. Johanna, the owner, was fast asleep in her bed as the apartment continued to burn and didn't wake up from the heat and the smoke. Baby jumped on her bed and kept hitting Johanna’s face with her paw until she woke up. They then ran out of the room and were saved. The firemen said that if they had only stayed for minutes more it would have been impossible for them to get out alive.


4. Blue – Set to sniff out a serial killer

Blue is a highly trained police dog who was able to sniff out the decomposing body of a murder victim. Later on the Police were able to uncover more bodies and have linked these to a possible serial murderer who dumps the bodies along the road. The Police now know that there is a serial murderer on the loose and the FBI has been called in to handle the investigation.


5. Bandit - Dog alerts sleeping Mays Landing family to burning hairbrush, saving them from toxic smoke

Bandit was the new dog of the DeStefanis household. They already had a Shar Pei and a Cat who fought all the time so they decided that they'd separate the pets and have Bandit stay in their room. They all went to bed forgetting that there was a comb being sterilized that was left on the stove. After the water evaporated the plastic started to melt and burn.
Black toxic smoke filled the house but no alarm came from the smoke detectors despite being new. The family went on sleeping and might have never woken up if not for their new dog. Bandit jumped and jumped on her owners chest till she woke up. She noticed the smoke and woke up her husband and child then they ran out of the house.


6. Target – Stopped suicide bomber in Afghanistan

Target was one of three dogs that American soldiers would play with while they were stationed at the borders in Afghanistan. The soldiers would play with the stray dogs whenever they got got bored and remembered their homes. One day however these three proved to be more than just a remedy for the soldiers homesickness when they attacked a suicide bomber who tried to enter a soldiers tent. The tent had people inside who would’ve died if not for the heroic acts of the dogs. The bomber exploded even before he got in and the dogs saved the soldiers lives. Later on one of the soldiers petitioned that the remaining dogs be brought with him to America. Rufus and Target received a hero’s welcome when they landed and target even appeared on Oprah.


7. Barry, the Superdog dog of Switzerland

Barry is the legendary rescue dog of the Swiss. The St Bernard was trained by monks to help them rescue people who got lost in the Alps. during his career as a rescue dog he is recorded to have saved around 40 people. His most famous rescue is when he found a child in the snow. He licked on the child to keep him warm and kept barking to signal the monks of their location. When the monks couldn't reach them because of the snow, the boy wrapped his arms around Barry and the dog carried him to safety. He retired from his rescue career in 1812 and was cared for by one of the monks.


8. Hachiko, man's most loyal friend

If you’ve ever wondered why dogs are said to be mans best and most loyal friend, the story of Hachiko will remind you why. Hachiko belonged to a professor that taught at a university in Japan. He developed a habit of always waiting at the station for his owner after work and they’d walk home together. One day the professor didn't arrive at the station because he died at the university. Hachiko was given away to another owner but often snuck off and went back to his old home. When he realized that the professor didn't come home anymore, he went back to his old routine of waiting for him at the station. He gained widespread popularity for his display of loyalty and people at the station gave him food and snacks whenever he was there. A statue of him was even erected at the station and the story of his life has been made in to a movie.


9. Chips, the War Dog

Chips was a dog that was donated to the military to help in the war effort. He was initially assigned as a tank guard and went into battle just like all the soldiers. On one occasion he even dragged a radio through the line of fire so that his squad could contact HQ and request backup. His most famous exploit is when his team was hit by an enemy hiding in a pillbox that they couldn't locate. Chips ran directly for the enemy and attacked forcing those inside to come out and surrender with Chips right behind them. On the same night he also alerted his squad to the approach of the enemy which resulted in their quick capture. Chips was awarded a silver star and a purple heart for all his achievements and is the last dog who received such awards.


10. Owney, the Maildog

Oweney was a stray dog that the workers at the New York post office took in. He loved the smell of postal bags so he would follow them around and even ride the trains to their destinations. The New York branch gave him a collar to wear so that people would know who he was in case he got lost. Other branches he visited also did the same thing and gave him medals with their branch’s name on it. He became the Post office’s unofficial mascot. Sadly he died when a police officer shot him because he bit a worker that had mistreated him. His medals can still be found in the Postal Museum in DC.


11. Stubby (or "Sergeant Stubby" to you)

Sergeant Stubby is the only dog to have been awarded this rank. He was smuggled into war by his owner and became one of the many dogs that helped in the war effort. He became recognized for his efforts in detecting poison gas and incoming artillery. He also helped find and rescue injured soldiers and even captured one spy. He went into 17 battles and retired with his owner. After the war the sergeant became Georgetown’s football mascot.


12. Zoey, the Snake Handler

Zoey is a cute Chihuahua who proved to everyone that you don't have to be big to be a hero. He jumped into danger to save her owner’s 1 year old when a rattle snake appeared and almost bit the baby. Zoey suffered several bites and almost lost one of her eyes but the Vet was able to save her and she recovered fully.


13. Sinbad, the Coast Guard Dog

Sinbad was a true dog of the sea, loyal to his country. He was taken in by the crew of the ship and was even given the proper paperwork to become an actual coast guard sailor. He stayed on duty for 11 years and when it was finally time to turn the ship in after a very damaging battle, Sinbad stayed on till the very last minute with all his crewmates. He retired from the service and went on to a live a comfortable life.


14. Balto and Togo, the sled dogs that helped stop an epidemic

These two sled dogs saved a town from an epidemic by carrying the needed serum for 1000 miles. Togo’s team was the one who carried the serum through most of its travel to the town. They were the ones who experienced the harshest parts of the journey. They then passed on the serum to Balto’s team who carried it through about a third of the way and arrived earlier than scheduled. Balto being the one who carried the serum into town was given the most credit. Now though they both have statues commemorating their achievements in different museums.


15. Penny saves drowning woman from river

Penny is  a Labrador retriever who heroically saved an unconscious woman who was found floating down the river. She was taking a lovely stroll with her owner when they saw an empty wheelchair and a floating body. Her owner ordered her to fetch so she dove into the water and dragged the woman to the banks. The river had a strong current but she went on till she saved the floating woman. They were then able to revive the unconscious women and called 911.


16. Faith, the Bipedal Dog

If you’ve ever thought that a dog walking on two legs is only for circuses and shows then think again. Faith is a dog who was born with only three legs and the remaining front leg had to be cut because of atrophy when she was only 7 months old. Most might think it impossible for her to continue living a normal dog life but she learned how to walk and hop on two legs and is now a working as a therapy dog to encourage those who have problems.


17. Belle – the dog that called 911 to save her master

Belle is not just your regular cute little dog. She is trained to call 911 when ever her master (Weaver) is in danger and in one occasion this resulted in her saving Weaver’s life. Weaver’s blood sugar had gone dangerously low and he experienced a seizure. It was during this time that Belle stepped up and called 911 by biting down on the number 9 (she was trained to do this). With her highly attuned senses she also helps Weaver keep track of his blood sugar by licking his nose. If she feels that something is wrong she’ll keep barking and pawing at his master to warn him.


18. Dorado – The Dog Hero of 9/11

Dorado is Rivera’s Dog and helps his master cope with life as a blind man. Rivera was a computer technician at the World trade center before it fell down. When the planes hit, Rivera knew it would be impossible for him to get down so he removed Dorado’s leash and sent him on his own to escape. After the initial chaos Dorado came back to Rivera with a companion and they were all able to get out of the building safely before it completely fell down. Rivera credits his survival to the brave actions of Dorado and his companion.


19. Cash –  Found and Took Care of His Mater’s Body

Cash was Jake Baysinger’s loyal dog. Jake went missing for 6 weeks and his body was later on found by a rancher who saw Cash running back and forth from Jakes body to the ranchers pick up. Officials declared that Jake committed suicide and they said Cash must have kept the Coyotes away from the body. Cash was returned to the surviving wife and child of Jake and was later on honored by PETA.


20. Greyfriars Bobby – Symbol of Loyalty in Britain

Greyfriars Bobby was famous for his loyalty to his master. When his master died he was buried with out a gravestone. Still the dog found the burial site and guarded it for 14 years, leaving only when he was hungry. When the dog died a Countess had a fountain made in honor of his loyalty. He became a symbol of loyalty for Britain because of his continued service to his master even in death.