Canine Diseases & illness Conditions

One of the most important consequences of scientific evolution and broadcasting of knowledge is the appearance of a new attitude towards the life and afflictions of our canines. It is the proof o a daily fact that the interest of people from different social classes in trying to understand the meaning of some of the symptoms that lead us to find immediate veterinary help, which helps us to painlessly prolong the lives of our pets and buddies. This manual does not have any intention of minimizing the need for professional veterinarian services, yet only gathers some general notions which will enable you, the reader, to understand certain afflictions and diseases that your dog might have, thus helping you to know how and when to turn to the help of your vet. Seeing your dog with a bright, yellowish glow in his eyes and attentive ears is a source of life and artistic beauty, communion and happiness. But there is a truth that fills our heart with sadness: that of many dog owners who close their eyes and hearts to the many days of suffering of their dogs, turning a deaf ear to their cries and a blind eye to the sight of their teary eyes, full of pain. Therefore, I hearken unto your feelings: let's be responsible as it is our duty to care not only for the spirit and friendship of our dogs, but also for their health and body.

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