Bruise on Dog. Hematoma ?

Bruise are by definition given to lesions that appear under the skin and subjacent tissue, and because the blood vessels are damaged, the blood spreads around the damaged area, resulting in some discoloration. In the parts that don't have hair, you can sometimes observe a tiny mark produced by the rupture of tiny blood vessels and hemorrhage. When an agent is the result of a serious impact, the muscles can be bruised and torn without any external opening, and the resulting hemorrhage can cause a definite tumefaction in which, after a day, liquid can appear. Damage is usually not serious, but it can be when the lesion is close or on top of the bone during the repairing process that is established in the tissue. Besides, if concussion is close to a joint and the blood spilled inside the articular cavity and the proper reabsorption does not take place, it can form adherences, making it difficult for the animal to walk. In most cases a hematoma (a localized swelling filled with blood) appears, which is hard and painless -- although in the very beginning it is sensitive and painful. During violent traumatic accidents, the liver is vulnerable to injuries as it is a solid organ and fixed in one position. Because the intestines contain fluids, they temper that impact by going back. The kidneys, bladder and spleen are prone to breaking. The dog generally shows signs of being bewildered and sometimes semi-unconscious and still in the state of shock. If in that case it is mild and can be seen, apply ice packs on the affected part, with which you induce the blood vessels to contract and avoid the blood from going out. But in serious cases of impact, crashes, etc., you must immediately go to the vet.

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