Canine Cerebral Palsy in Dog

Disease is consecutive to cerebral disorders like apoplexy, encephalitis, tumors, cranium fracture with a depression of a portion of a bone, etc. They're generally accompanied by severe paralysis, local or general. The paralyzed members are flaccid, with relaxed muscles, without resistance to a passive movements and no response; although in some cases there is response and pain. It can be accompanied by unconsciousness and convulsions, especially when the lesions that have been inflicted on the brain have been external (Fall, car crash, etc.). In "apoplexia", the attack is sudden, and the animal fall down to the floor when he is making an effort. Cerebral tumors are very serious. They're also states of "paralysis", frequently due to serious fractions or lesions of the dorsal vertebrae or lesions that are related to the spinal cord. Check with your veterinarian.

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