Canine Dog Breasts

Dog breasts can be a nest for different pathologies, consecutive to accidents due to biting, barb wire, introduction of strange substances, inflicted injuries, infections produced by fly larva deposited on tiny openings or, also, consecutive to birth and during breast-feeding, as well as injuries produced by the nails of the young suckling. "Mastitis" can be due to lesions, lack of hygiene, puppies that have sores on their mouth or paws and contaminated dedicate breasts of their mother. In that case, the mother is feverish and feels sick and whiny. She lies on one side and shows her affected, tense, red glands which are sensitive to pressure. Secretion, instead of milk, is plus. Abscesses developed and pop leaving ulcerous wounds. Frequently there is toxin of extortion, which means that the animal's life is endangered. The puppies must not keep on drinking milk from their mother. The "Eruptions" on the nipples and wounds can appear in any part of the nipples, but they're more serious when they are on the tip. A serious secretion gathers there which, when infected, serves as a passageway where the germs can get to the milk conduct of the nipple and produce mastitis. Wounds and lesions on the breast vary from tiny and superficial to big and deep. If the wound has reached a glandular portion or has opened their conduct of the nipple, milk can go flow out with blood. A wound by which milk keeps on flowing out after a wound has been made and which doesn't heal, can transform into a Lactic fistula. In all cases and until you get the presence of the vet, you should keep the affected glands clean and covered with a sterile gauze. "Tumors" are pretty frequent on breasts, even, sometimes, on the chest of male dogs. These must be surgically removed; otherwise, they can become cancerous. It is a relatively simple operation; therefore, you must not deprive the animal of his rights to have a good health by not taking him to the vet.

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