Canine Intoxicated or intoxication of Dog

How to Act when your Dog is Intoxicated: The most important thing is to count on the urgent presence of the vet, but, in case he cannot count on a Pro, don't let your dog die without trying to help him.

1) Try to identify the toxic following indications mentioned on the bottle.

2) Quickly extract all the toxic from the stomach. Use a "vomitive" but never if the toxic is corrosive. Substances that can induce vomit: one to 3 teaspoons of powdered mustard in one cup of hot water. Or 2 teaspoons of salt in 1 cup of hot water, or hot water with soap (do not use detergents). This last one is an antidote to many metallic salts, especially mercury chloride. Also gave your animal lots and lots of hot water. These vomitives is did not work in cases of depressive agents as these also inhibit the reflexes. You can also induce vomiting by introducing a finger down the pharynx.

3) If you know the antidote, make your dog ingest large quantities and then administer the vomitive. Repeat the treatment every 10 minutes until you suspect there is nothing left of the toxic in the stomach.

4) Administer an "emollient", substance that will alleviate the gastric disturbances and delays the absorption of the toxic. For this, you can effectively use to eight whites, milk or a soft paste of starch or baking flower. Do not give the animal milk if he has taken phosphate. Bid the toxic has a corrosive character, administer emollients in between one and another dose of the antidote. Never administer a vomitive if it is corrosive.

5) If you don't know the antidote, there is a preparation that you can use in case you don't know the character all the toxic, and which is somewhat effective against exciting, irritating and depressive substances.

Preparation: activated vegetable carbon in two parts (one part magnesium oxide and the other part tannic acid). Place one 14 gram dose in half or 1 cup of water, administering it by the mouth. After that, give the vomitive, unless the toxic is corrosive. If you do not count with these ingredients, you can substitute them with: Carbon activated by burned bread or burned wood. And use magnesium milk instead of magnesium oxide and a strong tea instead of tannic acid. If it is an acid intoxication, it is urgent to neutralize him. For this, you can use magnesium melt, magnesium oxide, water with whitewash or neutral soap administered in large quantities of water. After that you will administer an emollient.

Do not administer vomitives if the toxic is alkaline. Immediately look for the presence of a vet.

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