Dermatitis and Eczema in Dogs

The first one indicates inflammation of the skin without specifying the cause. The second, eczema, is also a superficial inflammatory injury - although it oozes out a liquid and forms a scab. They both irritate. "Dermatitis by contact" can happen because maybe the dog sits or lies down on lots of different kinds of surfaces like grass, cement, vinyl, parquet, rugs, etc. As the area around the abdomen, thighs and breastbone hardly have any thick hair, they are prone to suffering from the mentioned causes, also due to abrasive substances, irritants, disinfectants, herbicides, insecticides, detergents, polishers, etc.; all the chemical products are highly irritating for dogs. The injuries include severe erythema (abnormal redness of the skin resulting from dilation of blood vessels - as in sunburn or inflammation), peeling, scab formation, red papules and humid oozing that can get infected in. Heat and turned federation can also provoke self injury due to the dog licking himself and biting himself. In the beginning, try to spot the irritating factor and remove it. Apply some cream or topic lotion recommended by the vet. "Acne" is the inflammation and obstruction of the sebaceous glands or the hairy follicles with pimply formations. Contagious "Acne" is characterized because when the pimple pops it releases a thick, gooey, pus which dries almost immediately, leaving a yellow scab. A few days later, the scabs fall off along with tangled hairs, leaving round spots. In worst cases, the pustules (small inflamed elevations of skin containing pus) flow around affecting wider zones, usually the back, haunch and shoulders, among others. Contagion is due to the indiscriminate sharing of collars, leashes, brushes, combs, muzzles, etc., amongst dogs. Clean the area well so that the dried exudation doesn't block the exit of pus.

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