Diarrhea in Dog Canine

Although very difficult to diagnose, the consequences of Diarrhea in Dog are unpredictable, many times followed by death. The cause of Diarrhea in Dog can be many, from a food problem to an attack of a virus, germ, intestinal parasites, infections and other pathological causes. The normal concept of defecation varies from one animal to another, but it is considered normal for a puppy to "evacuate" 2 or 3 times a day; for adult dogs, usually once a day. If the defecation is soft -- yet not liquid -- and fleeting, don't panic (it could be due to a change in the diet). But if it liquid and persists for more than a day, or many times during the day, then, yes, be alert, especially if there are streaks of blood or it's bloody, which could be a sign of something serious, for example an infection. It is very important to have your vet give you the correct diagnose, especially if it's puppies we're talking about; they could dehydrate very quickly, with, sad to say in many case, deadly consequences. Also young, adult and even old dogs, faced with a diarrhea, are prone to an imbalance which could have serious consequences. You should immediately look for the help of a pro. Meanwhile, if the animal is thirsty, give him all he wants as his organism needs it. You can also administer rice water, and if he wants to eat, give him well-cooked rice. Anyway, without wasting time, call your vet.

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