Disease in Bones and Muscles - Osteomalacia

Bone diseases include traumatism deformations, chronic infections, congenital alteration, nutrition and endocrine disorders; also due to infections and benign or malign tumors. The problems found in the motor system of the dog (limping or awkward walking) can be caused by violent traumatisms, diseases of the bone itself, or articulations and muscles.

"Rickets or Osteomalacia (rickets is applied when puppies or young animals get osteomalacia and osteomalacia refers to failure in the minimization of the bone tissue)". This is caused by a decrease of the concentration of mineral substances in the blood, calcium insufficiency in the diet or the diminished absorption of this eminent in the intestines. Vitamin D stimulates intestinal absorption of minerals and, especially calcium, favoring the mineralization of the cartilage and bone tissue. The symptoms of "Hypocalcemia (Abnormally low level of calcium in the blood; associated with hypoparathyroidism or kidney malfunction or vitamin D deficiency)" produce changes in the bones, as well as in the muscular activity and neurological functioning. The bones the form, curve with a modification when walking; there is pain and unsteadiness. The muscles and joints become lax, which can provoke the flattening of the feet, modifying the support the toes give. In extreme cases of hypocalcemia, the dog starts shaking with increased excitability, convulsions and sometimes even coma. Another thing that can happen is that the teeth take longer to form. There are a whole lot of diseases that can attack the bones like, for example, the metabolic diseases and bone dystrophies of hormonal origin, inflammatory or infectious diseases, arthrosis and others. Tumors are also a main cause. Neoplastic sprouts inside a bone present a lot of own destruction and a lot of pain. Any abnormality that you observed deserves prompt veterinarian attention.

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