Dog Coma & Collapses in Canines or Puppies

It is a deep state of unconsciousness from which a dog can only be aroused by intensive treatment applied by the veterinarian. The patient cannot respond to command. Coma is the result of damage to the brain stem and cerebrum that may be caused by severe head or brain injury, cardiac arrest, stroke, diabetes, shock, or hemorrhage. It occurs just before death in many diseases. There are various depths of coma; the nature of the injury determines the level of supportive treatment necessary. Survival and prognosis depend upon the cause, extent of damage, and duration of the coma. Remember: you must have a veterinarian attending your dog in these cases.

Collapse of Dog

It is the sudden abatement of all vital forces. In serious diseases, when the organism is in extreme state of weakness and where the nervous system is also affected, death can occur to due to a problem of the heart or respiratory system. Meanwhile you wait for the vet to come, whom you have called for an urgent matter, you must keep the animal comfortable and covered with a blanket in the calm place, if possible with little light and free of noise. You must have water at his reach. If he voluntarily starts drinking, it is a favorable symptom.

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