Dog Dilatation and Gastric Torsion

Although there may be lots of reasons why dog gastric torsion occurs, it is believed that the accumulation of gas in the stomachs of some dogs is the predominant cause of this serious affliction. Some animals suffer from aerophagia (swallowing air -- usually followed by belching and discomfort and flatulence) and, when the symptoms of severe gastric dilatation show up, they get worse until they reach shock when overcome with torsion. When the stomach churns, a circulatory collapse can occur, when the blood vessels that irrigate the intestines become obstructed. Supposedly an aerophagia after an anxious and abundant meal, creates an easily fermentable substratum in the stomach, especially when the dog eats only once a day. Also if the dog eats while he is very agitated or has done a lot of exercise. Faced with these possibilities, you are recommended to split this meal in two, with out increasing the quantity, in order to make it easier to digest. If you notice any strange manifestation your dog after eating, and which cannot be resolved by means of vomiting, take it seriously and go to the vet. A swift reaction can save your dog's life in case of a gastric torsion.

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