Dog Heart Attack & Symptom

The common symptoms of an dog heart attack are: difficulties in breathing, pain in the center of the chest, which sometimes stretches out to the neck and arms and, occasionally, to the superior part of the abdomen (noticed in the dog by the attitudes and positions that he adopts). The animal can sweat and go unconscious. You must urgently call the vet. Meanwhile, help the animal to get into a more comfortable position (instinctively he will cooperate). Remove the leash. Don't try to raise or transferred the animal. Don't get them any liquid to drink. If he is uneasy try to calm him down. Meanwhile, try to rehearse the procedures of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case the animal loses his pulse and stops breathing. Don't try mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an animal that is breathing naturally. If the animal isn't breathing and you feel that the heart has stopped beating, then you must proceed to do the artificial respiration. If he has problems to breathe, raise the thorax and head high enough in order to make the breathing easier. If the dog doesn't present any breathing problems, keep him on his side. Do not let him move or stand up. Try to keep him warm, but don't apply excessive heat. Get veterinarian assistance immediately.

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