Dog Intestines

Dog Enteritis is pretty common in dogs and can be due to something wrong in his diet that is producing irritation, first stage of inflammation of the Dog Intestines. It could also be due to a foreign body which is not sharp enough to puncture the stomach, but enough to inflamed the intestinal tract it is in. Other reasons could be toxic elements of chemical or vegetable origin, parasites and as a consequence specific diseases. In the beginning, the animal can refuse the food, but drinks a lot of water. The feces are covered in mucus and you can hear noises in the intestines. The animal can have shaking bouts. If his state worsens, his temperature will go out and there will be frequent painful efforts to defecate. In this situation doll is usually arch their backs and don't like to be petted. In the case of "chronic and the right is", the doll can suffer periodic attacks of terribly smelling diarrhea with mucus secretion. They usually keep their abdomen withdrawn most the time and it are not dented by a Pro, it can have a fateful outcome due to exhaustion.

The causes of "intestinal obstruction" are many, from a foreign body to a tumor. The poor animal stays is wanted on the floor for a long time trying to unsuccessfully defecate. The abdomen is withdrawn unless it's got gas, in which case the abdomen swells. Generate a body gives off a stench, and if this state continues for a number of days, signs of toxemia appear. The temperature rises, the mucous membrane of the eyelids become dirty yellow, the dog starts vomiting and, in the final stages, the vomit comes from the intestinal tract; in other words, it is fecal matter.

Important: do not give any laxative and rush to the veterinarian.

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