Female Dog Genitals & Dog Vulva & vaginal tumors.

Generally, the abnormal postures that puppies adopt are due to the intersexuality and congenital fusion of the vulva lips. In older animals, you can sometimes observe cases of perivulvar vulvitis and dermatitis, or vulva tumors. "Vaginitis" which is present in young dogs is manifested by an abundant flow (similar to pus, but isn't; they are dead epithelial cells). This flow can last many weeks. In adult dogs it can be due to trauma suffered during mating, or to the presence of foreign bodies introduced in the interior of the vagina. "Uterine Prolapsus" comes as a result when this organ slides outwards. This is extremely serious. In between the vulva lips, and very protruding, there is a red or pink mass of tissue, which requires urgent veterinary attention as it could lead to necrosis. Never try to introduce the protruding mass of the organ. The most common "Vaginal tumors" are fibroids (benign tumor containing fibrous tissue) or leiomyomas (benign tumor of smooth muscle), which formed in the floor of the vagina. Sometimes you can observe the distortion of the perineum (the general region between the anus and the genital organs) or, if the tumor is ulcerated, the presence of a suspicious vaginal flow. By softly feeling around you can verify the size of the ovary or uterus. Ovary tumors can be found in both or only one. The ovary, when with the tumor, is swelled up and the animal generally presents abdominal distention. They can be primary or secondary. As the disease advances, they become extremely painful. Perivulvular dermatitis is more common in castrated female dogs before puberty. Around the lips, ulcerated lesions form and, sometimes, inflammation with perivulvular skin necrosis. "Uterine anomalies" are one of the most common afflictions of the river to active system. When the dog has a slight "Piometra", she loses appetite, doesn't want to exercise and starts losing hair. There can be mucoid vulvar flow to, which per se is with intermittences after heat. In "Typical Piometra", there is anorexia, vomiting, drowsiness, abdominal distention, polydipsia (Excessive thirst -- as in cases of diabetes or kidney dysfunction) and polyuria (renal disorder characterized by the production of large volumes of pale dilute urine; often associated with diabetes). Depending on the seriousness, the mouth and conjunctival mucous membranes can be congested. The dog licks herself constantly. Any abnormal symptom that arises must be consulted with the vet.

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