Infertility in Female Dogs

Besides ovaritis, which constitutes one of the causes of temporal or permanent sterility, I can mention the lack of maturation of the Graafian follicle (a vascular body in a mammalian ovary enclosing a developing egg), the presence or persistence of a body that inhibits the maturing and prevents the heat periods. The presence in the ovary of big or small cysts, inflammation of the uterus mucous membrane due to the infection of the uterus or fallopian tube by microorganisms, including salpingitis (Inflammation of a Fallopian tube -- usually the result of infection spreading from the vagina or uterus -- or of a Eustachian tube), which can destroy the germinating cells of the male or make the area where the fertilized egg develops inadequate. Any abnormalities of the cervix can impede the conception when the light is closed off by thick and gooey mucus and when there is an acute inflammation of the cervix mucous membrane and, even, all of the whole uterus. A cervix with a lot of fiber tissue can be a cause of sterility, although if the dog does get to get pregnant, it causes more problems when trying to give birth. Occlusion can come about as a result of swelling and congestion of the mucous membrane due to inflammation or infection. The sperm is unable to penetrate in the uterus and the fertilization does not take place. Tumors, malign or benign, act mechanically, destroying vital structures; or by means of suppuration, establish inadequate conditions for pregnancy in the uterus. Also, specific sequences in which the general told tract is extensively sick for any specific reason. You should not forget incompatibility or a rejection of the female for a determined male, or vice versa. Factors of the size of the male's member also influence. When there are cases of infertility, you should always ask the vet for advice. Not only because of the case of infertility, but also for the health of the animal, which can be in a bad state.

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