Abyssinian Cat Breed

The Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest races. In the XIX century there was a type that established its aspect.

Aspect: medium sized body, elegant and muscular; more delicate head and longer than that of a domestic cat. the Abyssinian gives and impression of an athletic vivacity.

Hair: short, smooth and dense. It has vein flakes, that are called Abyssinian.

Color: crass gray (warm brown/orange, black cutie) sorrel (copper, hazel cutie); Blue (bluish gray, steel blue cutie); beige-fawn lusterless beige, dark cream cutie); silver (silver hair, silver cutie).

Eyes: they go from the color green to gilt. Blue British short hair (chartreuse). The real chartreuse come from France. The blue British short hair, instead, come from England and it is the result from the breeding of domestic English cats with Persian cats.

Aspect: big body, muscular chest. Robust short legs, whit strong round paws. spheroid head, with wide cheeks and pronounced chin.

Color: light gray without shadows. In breeding terminology, the color gray that results from the uniform pigmentation of the hair is denominated as blue.

Eyes: they go from the colors shiny orange to copper.

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