Cat and Sleep. What is a Cat Sleep Pattern

Some cats like to sleep at the foot of their owner's beds and there is nothing wrong with this. The problem comes when your cat decides to wake up in the middle of the night and have some playtime with you. Many times people automatically begin to pet their cat and show it attention when this occurs. However you must not do this. If your cat does wake you up in the night it is a good idea to ask yourself if it really does need something. Does it need to use the kitty litter box but can't get to it? Is it hungry? Is it sick? If your cat is in good health, has unhindered access to its litter tray and has been fed its normal meals then you must simply ignore it. If the cat continues to try and get your attention when you are trying to sleep then it is best to prepare a place for the cat to sleep in another room and let it sleep there alone. Your cat will probably meow and even scratch at the door and you may feel tempted to go to its rescue but you should not. If you do then the cat will start to display this behavior every night.

Ignoring your cat: If you are busy and don't have time to spend with your cat then it is best to ignore it completely until you have finished with what you are doing. If your cat still insists on getting your attention you can try the following tips.

  • Make sure that your cat completely understands that you can't give it your attention at that moment. Turning your back towards it can help give your cat a clear message that you are busy.
  • If your cat insists then look in a direction away from your cat and cross your arms.
  • Don't say a word to your cat or push it away just simply ignore it.
  • After trying all of the above if your cat is still causing problems then it is probably necessary for you to leave the room closing the door behind you with the cat still inside the room.

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