Cat Growth Chart

Cats grow much faster than kids do. In six months alone, a cat can grow to it's full adult size, and at this age they can jump, run, hunt and act the exact same way an adult would, whereas children at that same age can't even talk, walk or crawl yet. Imagine if our kids grew that quick…no thank you, we like the way it was created to be.

From newborns to 2 weeks of age: Kittens are born very tiny, blind and deaf. They would not even be able to keep themselves warm if they didn't cuddle up to their mommies and their brothers. At this stage of their lives, they are completely dependent on their mother, they would not be able to live without her, and they can't even do their needs without her help.

Despite this factor, cats have some very incredible abilities and this becomes obvious by just comparing the size of its nose with the rest of its face. Even though a kitty's sense of smell is not fully developed at this stage, they are still able to recognize the smell of their mother's saliva, and even though they cannot see yet, they can guide themselves by their smell to follow their mother and find their milk.

Purring is something that comes natural to a cat from the minute they are born. It's been guessed that purring allows the kitten's mother to know when they are getting fed and if her kittens are feeling well. Obviously, cats continue to do this throughout their lives and this lets us know when they feel happy and content, just as they did with their mother.

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