Cat Reproduction

For the reproductive cycle of the cats, we are going to learn all the steps that are including in this process: first stages of zeal, mating, birth and what actions we have to take.

Cat Heat
Cats begin to experience heat around eight months. Female cats around six months. During heat, cats meow more strongly and urinate to mark their territory. They become more anxious and aggressive. They go out to look for a partner which is why they can disappear for days.

Female cats make loud yowling and like to rub themselves against the floor, raising their tail. The breeding season in cats last almost year round. The first appearance of their cycle or zeal is usually changeable around the 6 months, in breeds like the Siamese or European and later in long haired cats. Their cycles last 7 to 15 days and can repeat several times in the same month, resting a few days between them.

The difference with dogs, is that the female cats don't bleed, but their behavior does vary in a notorious form: they meow in a special or persistent way, rub against furniture, more affectionate with their owners, raise their rear leg leaving their limbs stuck to the floor and separate their tail. This indicates clearly a cycle has began. If our interest is to cross the cat, it is time to bring her the male.

The ovulation is induced by the copulation, which almost always become pregnant. If the cat does not get pregnant, you will have to try with another male or do a complete checkup before trying again. It is usually the inexperience the reason of infertility, but there can be underlying reasons that it is necessary to study. Once the copulation is complete, the cat will rub against the floor and will contour during a few minutes. After the copulation will be repeated again.

Mating in cats
It is normal for cats to fight over a female cat, even though they can mate for several times during the day. The way which cats mate is rub against the male cat and bend forward so the male cat can copulate grabbing her neck with the teeth. When the female cat wants to finish, it will make a calling to let the cat know. After this in many cases, female cats become aggressive towards the cat.


  • Where to join them? There are veterinarians who think that it is best to do it at the females cats house, they will be more calm and it would be better. However, others point out that if the cat is in her territory, it can be defensive trying to protect her territory from the intrusive. Whereas if they are in the males territory, it will be more determined, haughty and proud. But if it is in a hostile and strange environment, it might get frightened.
  • Undoubtedly, it is better to leave them in a calm place and without constant supervision, not unless there are serious problems. At first, the female cat might seem shy but they have to be left alone so they can get to know each other and accept each other. If we pressure them with our presence, they can feel inhibited and even loose interest.
  • It is not advisable to cross them during the first zeal because the cat is still experiencing hormonal changes that complement her growth, it is better to do it once they are 14 months old.

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