Cats suck on clothes

Possible causes: to suck is a childlike behavior proper of mammals. Some cats never stop this conduct. However, this has nothing to do with the fact of have being weaned before time. or simple, they like to suck something as they used to do with their mother when whelps. It gives them pleasure and security.

Remedy: if this behavior is too accentuated in your cat and this brothers you, spray every place where the eat is used to suck on, with something unpleasant for the cat (for example, a deodorant).

The cat is nervous and wants to go out: Possible causes: he is a non-castrated cat. Cats like to be outdoor, they love fresh and feel uncomfortable inside the house. But also, the female cats that have reached their sexual maturity walk around nervously looking for a couple, or as a kitten he used to live on the country and is use to living free.

Remedy: have your adult cats castrated when buying the cat, inform yourself if he is purely a house animal. A cat is used to going freely outdoors will hardy gets used to being all the time inside a house, therefore, the only solution is to entirely dedicate yourself to him, and try to adapt him from going outside and to get used to being inside. If you have a garden, you can teach the cat to go out with limitations of time and surroundings.

The street alley cat doesn't come home: Possible causes: the cat has a strong bond with his home and he feels tied in a natural form to its place of birth. It's an animal that has reached its sexual maturity and hasn't been castrated, and for him it is natural to look for a sex companion and to investigate and defend his territory.

Remedy: its extremely easy to make a castrated animal get used to a pre establish horary to go out of the house and to return. The first condition is for the cat to respond to his name and, when hearing it, to return immediately, home. For it, it might be useful to use a predetermine noise. That will be used always, like, for example, the food receptacle on its eating area, when the hungry cat returns home, give him always some food as a prize. Of course. it is important that the cat eats every night at the exact hour.

The thing is not the exact hour, but the fact is that it is getting dark. when the cat begins to eat, close the door and soon the animal will get used to this ritual.

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