Dull Cat Fur

All the cats, they be of short or long hair, normally they should have a shiny, brilliant and smooth layer and well primped. One of the advantages that we comb ourselves al cat is to familiarize us with its noarmal look and to realize any change in its general state, like zones of the rough skin or flakiness, bald, lumps or bruises. If, suddenly, the fur is put dull and entangled, this can indicate that the cat has a problem of latent health, especially if combines with other symptoms, like loss of appetite, visible loss of weight or vomiting.

Sometimes, is a simply problem of an eating deficiency – typical of the greasy acids- and is corrected with a complement advised by the veterinary. In an old cat, the dull fur is due to a hypercritical of the thyroid gland, above all if the cat eats more than the normal.. A cat with dental problems or of the mouth can stop polishing completely the fur in consequence, the fur is put dull or entangled. You must see if there are signs of saliva in the mouth, scrawny gums or limp teeth and take the cat to the veterinary so that he examines him.

On having caressed him, it is necessary to see always in the back of the cat: if the hair gets entangled about the anus (possibly because of a diarrhea or a genital problem) it can cause a painful irritation of the skin. If it is not possible to unravel easily the hair with a comb, cut carefully the balls of hair with scissors, but with a lot of care of not cutting the skin; if we cannot do it, we must take the cat to someone that can do it. Wash softly the injured skin with warm water, dry giving flicks and apply a protective you must take the animal to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Loss of hair
The cats change the hair during the whole year and because of it they need to polish constant. There are some of them (but not all) that have a seasonal important change, usually in spring. There are times in which the cat can lose very much hair because of a commotion or an emotive disorder, as a serious disease, a serious operation or the arrival to house of a rival as another cat or a dog. The loss of hair can become several weeks after the fact that provoked him, by what not always both things can be related. There are females who lose hair during the gestation and the lactation. If our cat polishing himself constant without apparent reason, it is necessary to consult the veterinarian. He can prescribe a sedative or a tranquilizer or send to us to a behavior's therapist. In most cases, the hair returns to grow normally after one or two months.

However, there are many cases in which the hair falls because the animal scratches itself because of an allergy or because he has parasites. As the cats are very cautious to scratch himself, it is possible that we do not see the problem. It is necessary to check carefully the skin to see if there are fleas or dirt of fleas, an eruption or dandruff and act in consequence.

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