How to clean up a litter box mess

Remember that your cats litter box must always remain clean. Make sure to always empty out the sand in it and to always use rubber gloves while doing this. And of course, most importantly, make sure to wash your hands after you have finished.

How to teach your cat to use its litter box: If your cat does not seem to be fully convinced about using its litter box, you will have to teach it to use it. The first step to teaching this is by slowly placing the cat over the sand each hour and waiting until it uses it. If your cat achieves this goal make sure to praise it. If your feline decides to be stubborn and refuses to use it, you will have to keep a close eye on it and continue until it finally does. In the end, your cat will end up using it when it needs to. If an "accident" happens in the house, make sure to never yell or punish your cat for this. Doing this will only cause more problems along this line because punishment will make your cat nervous and scarred. If your cat is having a problem doing his needs within the house, ask your veterinarian to give you some advice.

Important tip: If a cat is healthy, well taken care of, and has his regular veterinary check ups, your family will not be in danger of health problems. However, it's recommended that pregnant women avoid having a lot of contact with cats and most importantly that they do not empty out the cats litter box. If at any moment a woman finds herself in a situation where she has to empty out the cats litter box, she must use rubber gloves, and then wash her hands thoroughly immediately after. This is important because pregnant women are at risk of getting Toxoplasmosis. Remember also that cats like using any type of sand to do their needs therefore if you have a sand box in your garden, make sure that it is covered at all times in order to avoid your children from playing in it after the cat has used it.

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