How to Introduce Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats can tolerate very well some to others - and even establish a close friendship if one handles carefully his introduction. Certainly that, if the dog has not got used before to the cats, exists the danger that he sees the cat as a small prey to which of hunting and kill. There are dogs that have more hunter's instinct that others, for what if we have a dog and we are thinking of having a cat, it is necessary to evaluate the risks. If already we have a cat and want to have a dog, it is necessary to choose one of pacific character, avoiding nervous or bad-tempered breeds, as the terrier.

To introduce a dog to a cat can be relatively easy

  1. Before beginning, it is necessary to get that the dog has given a good walk and has eaten, by this, it is probable that he is enough satisfied and calm. All people have to preserve the calmness.
  2. The dog must be fastened with a strap, though sluggish, and the cat in the lap of someone.
  3. The person who takes the dog must call him in order that he goes near the cat and to ask him for sitting. When he does it, caresses him and give him a treat.
  4. If the dog seems to be enough calm, let him to smell to the kitty and rewarding him for his behavior. Repeat the operation several times a day, until both animals are sufficiently quiet one with another. Then, it is possible to let to the kitty that walk into the room. Follow caressing or rewarding the dog for not reacting to this. During the first weeks, don't let them alone and, the first times, it is necessary to holding the dog with a strap if it is necessary to intervene suddenly.

The introduction of a mature cat to a dog have to manage with more care, specially if the cat has never been before with dogs or, which is worse, if they have pursued and scared him. Is easy that an adult cat fights to escape and it is probable that this movement stimulates to the dog to pursued him. This will confirm the fears of the cat and will eternize the problem. It is possible that, in the first meetings, have to put the cat in a basket and far from the scope of the dog, in order that the cat could observe him without having the opportunity of running or getting out the nails the nails to defend himself.

As soon as both animals seem to be calm, continue as the young cat and the dog (above). It could pass several weeks before a shy cat tolerate to be in the same room with a dog, although this one does not do anything to scare him. It is necessary to have patience, taking care that the dog does not do anything for reinforcing the fears of the cat pursuing him or barking noisily.

Q/A I have a domestic rabbit that is called Rabanito and I would also like to have a cat. What do you think?

It is difficult to teach an adult cat which he accepts a rabbit, for what I advise you to choose a kitty of approximately 6 weeks or a cat that has lived before with rabbits. Put Rabanito in a basket, in order that he could not run and excite the instinct of game and hunt to the cat, and do that they are together every day. Soon you will be able to make them free and joined, but they have to be always monitored.

Is there any difference between introducing a cat to a little dog and to do it with an adult dog?

Yes, it is much easier. It is not probable that a puppy shows to be aggressive with a cat and, if the cat is very small, both of them will feel curiosity, accelerating the process of mutual acceptance. Initially An adult cat can be apprehensive with a little dog. but he will manage the situation immediately and will continue taking the voice. Monitor closely the operation; if the little dog scares the cat, it can be worse: that goes out with a scratch in the knob or, which is more serious, in the eyes. Try to maintain calmly to the little dog and introduce to the cat when he is tired or has the full stomach.

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