How to Make an Elizabethan Collar

Its use can be necessary sometimes to avoid the cat from licking or biting, or scratching its face or scrubbing against something after becoming a wound and before taking him to the veterinarian. An emergency Elizabethan collar can be made scuttling a plastic flowerpot or an ice cream glass, of the appropriate size, or coiling a piece of cardboard or resistant fine cardboard that previously we will have trimmed in fan form. The device makes sure tying it up with ribbons to the necklace of the feline..

  1. Clear the bottom of a plastic flowerpot. Make four holes in the contour and introduce thru them individual gauze pieces. Verify that the edge is not indented so that it does not hurt the neck of the animal, Cover it with tape.
  2. Another method consists of trimming a strong fine cardboard piece or cardboard in fan form and to coil it shaping a truncated cone, then fix it with tape or tie it up.
  3. If the cat does not keep the necklace on, make him a provisional one by tying up a piece of bandage around the neck leaving a certain comfort. Pass him to the scuttled flowerpot by the head and fix it to the necklace with four ribbons.
  4. Force him to keep it on until the veterinarian sees him.

How to Hold Up, Support and Move the Cat: Have much care when raising and moving a wounded cat. If you handle him with roughness or abruptness it can cause him more harm, aside from causing the animal more pain. In these situations it is probable for him to bite and scratch. If the feline is of calm character and is healthy and in shape one may raise it by taking it in arms and transferring it to be prepared before any emergency.

Injuries of small consideration: If the hurt cat is available to put in the basket in which to be transported habitually, allow it to him. If you have to raise him, put one hand on the throat while you use the other hand to hold him from the back and the rest of the body. Attract the cat with the arm toward your body to protect its back putting the hand below the chest, and lifting it up to put him in the basket of transport. Before put at the bottom of the basket a blanket or towel so that it is softer.

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