How to use a scratching post

Start out by placing the scratching post in a quiet place so that the kitten or cat feels confident and secure while using it. If you are trying to get the cat to "forsake" your couch and use it's scratching post, you will have to make the scratching post as attractive as possible.

Make sure first of all, that the scratching post has the scent of your home and that the cat gets used to seeing it. Often times a cat will not want to get near unknown objects and they smell them first to see if they recognize its odor. The best way to get the cat used to its new scratching post, is by leaving it in a visible place so the cat little by little, becomes familiar with what it looks like as well as the smell.

There are other little tricks you can do to get the cat to think that the scratching post has been for a long time, and that is to get the cat to rub its cheeks on your hands (do not force the cat to do this though, let it do it by its own free will). Once the cat has rubbed his face on your hands, rub the scratching post so that the cats scent impregnates it; besides this, your scent will also become impregnated on it as well. Your cat will very quickly learn that the scratching post belongs in its "family".

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