Maine Raccoon Cat

The name of this robust cat of long hair is due to the American State of Maine and to its native animal, the raccoon, to whom the cat looks like for his characteristic color and the long and bulky tail. As most of the breeds the Maine Raccoon Cat has extravagant legends relative to its origins. One of them is that the cats were developed from mating between raccoons and wild cats, which is biological impossible. An equally fictional belief is the one that suggests the first Maine Raccoon Cat was sent by Maria Antoinette, the unfortunate queen of France, during the French Revolution.The third one supposes that the breed is simply a version of long hair of the American of short hair. However, the most probable is that the Maine Raccoon comes from the primitive Angora cats or Norwegians of the forest, brought for navigators and crossed with local cats of short hair. Certainly, these cats existed in other states but was Maine, the first one that promoted him as a breed cat.

Apart of his origin, the Raccoon of Maine have been consolidated well during more than one century in the United States, winning in national exhibitions already in 1895. They stayed in second place for the introduction of the Persian cats, but continued being popular as rural cats. In the last 20 years have experienced a sudden bloom. Now it is the breed number one in the United States and the breed number two in Great Britain, where still they have not been recognized for the competitions.

Big and elegant
The Raccoon of the Maine are very big and showily nice; the males can weigh even 9 kg while the females are smaller. His impressive wild appearance is due to his long, shaggy and floating hair, which has a very bulky coat around the neck. Speaking with property, the Raccoon of the Maine are only cats of semi long hair; the hair is only long in the loin; the front hair is considerably more shortly. As the bulky skin of the Maine Raccoon Cat can support the dampness, protects the cat against the cold winters, but it continues being agreeable to touch him and to caress him. On the contrary of the Persian, the hair of the racoon of the Maine is undoubtedly proper of a cat of exterior. He can be a bit neglected without turning a mass of knots and tangles, but a minimum effort of the owner will maintain safely in good conditions.

In the United States in the first times of the baby's programs, the Main Raccoon Cat one was using as cat of crossing for vigorish the line of the Persian cats.

In that stage have had more similarity between the breeds, whereas the current Maine Raccoon has different proportions from the Persian in all the aspects: the body and the legs are more long eat long mas, and the tail is very long and shaggy. Anyhow, it is a big cat, full of color and force. The breed seems closer to the Norwegian cat of the forest. The Maine Raccoon Cat of pedigree for contest are in the habit of having longer bones, bigger and lighter that born cats of a long line of rural cats and it has observed a trend to less populated caps and to less massive bones in some of the lines of pedigree been reborn.

The Maine Raccoon give each other in the majority of the colors except in the Siamese types, the lilac and the chocolate. Nevertheless, the color mass acquaintance is the Roman coat type. It is this coloration, together with the ring-shaped typical tail, which gave his name to the breed, At present, the hair obtains in many tones monocolors, Romans, tortoise (calico) and two-color. The eyes can be gilded, green, copper or blue and they can give him (you,them) also the eyes of different color.

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