Medical Motives for Cat Hunger

A sudden increase of appetite could be to a medical problem, for which reason the veterinarian must study it. A renal disease, an insufficient diet, the bad absorption of the nourishing substances and the consumption due to the cancer, can be a reason of increase of the appetite; but also the reason can be very simple, as an infection of worms. An abnormal appetite can or not be accompanied of loss of weight. If the cat has diarrhea or is having voluminous depositions, greasy smelly and have a great proportion of food without digest, it can be a digestive disease, as a disorder of the pancreas. As consequence, the food passes for the digestive device without being well digested and absorbed, and the cat always is hungry.

The diabetes of the sugar (diabetes mellitus) produces also the effect of increasing artificially the appetite because the essential sugar - element for the energy- gets lost for the urine. Among other symptoms there are the loss of weight and an increase of thirst. The tumors of the gland thyroids that accelerate the metabolism basal have a similar effect.

There are medicines that also can increase the appetite it is necessary to inform the veterinarian about any medical treatment prescribed by another professional.

Q/A Harry goes a season eating and drinking more of the habitual thing and he has just diagnosed a diabetes. Will it be necessary to put him down?

The diabetes is a fault of the pancreas, which does not produce sufficient insulin and is not infrequent in the cats. If harry is reasonably vivacious and is well, there are no motives for thinking about the euthanasia in this moment. His disease does not have cure, but the veterinarian can tell to you how to control it. Sometimes this is done by a strict discipline of injections of insulin, regime of eaten and analysis of urine; but if this is not convenient for you or does not go with the way of life and the customs of your cat, there are special diets and medicines by oral that can serve.

Misty has turned enormous swallowed recently, She devoured her food and then she follows me for all the house asking for more. If we leave food to her scope, she steals it. Her depositions smell too badly, They are voluminous and of pale color. Also she is getting thinned. Do I have to give more of eating?

It seems as Misty had a disease of the pancreas, the organ that produces the enzymes for digesting the food. If the pancreas does not work well, we have to see in the dregs food without digesting, specially the oily components. This is what does that the depositions have so badly smell and so ugly aspect. If you give her more of eating you will do more to aggravate her, disease. But there is treatment. Her veterinarian can prescribe a special low diet in fats and a supplement of enzymes, giving it to Misty orally.

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