Dogs And Dolphins


There is something common about dogs and dolphins, and it’s the fondness that humans have for them. The only difference is that these dolphins need seawater to survive. Still, they’re such nice creatures to look at, especially when they do those magnificent tricks.

According to the Huffington Post, a Doberman Pinscher was saved by Dolphins in Florida (insert ‘awww’ here). Who wouldn’t be moved by such heroic act? Apparently dogs have found new companions, at least water-based. :)

What happens to a dog when it drowns, anyway? Don’t they know how to swim? Well, yes, in fact, all dogs know how to swim–it’s their natural instinct to survive, just like for us humans. What gives them away is the fatigue of endless swimming, and the resulting aspiration of water. Imagine a dog swimming in a vast area of water; do you think strength will not give up on it?

So for all dog owners out there, make sure to fence your pool, or cage your dog in, if you are away. Shallow pools are okay if your dog can still walk on the bottom surface, but you need to be careful as well. Dolphins do not really come to the rescue all the time.

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