‘Donating’ Blood To Fellow Canines

When humans donate their blood to those who direly need it, they feel a sense of fulfillment and goodness afterwards. Well, have you ever heard of dogs donating their own blood to those who are ill?

‘Donate’ may not be the appropriate word, although it can be used for emphasis. First of all, dogs are not capable of understanding such needs by their fellow relatives. Second, I believe it is the owner’s responsibility to decide if his or her dog should donate some blood to other dogs who need it.

Dogs are living beings, that is a fact. And so this blood donation among canines is really a good thing, despite of the fact that dogs cannot really understand it. For me, it is one way of fostering animal care–something that other people haven’t really done substantially. Even though stray dogs are saturating many neighborhoods nowadays, to save a dog’s life is a different side of the story.

If you wish to have your dog donate some blood, you can most certainly do so. Small and large dog breeds alike are capable of undergoing such procedure. Contact your dog’s veterinarian for more information.

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