Injured Police Dog Gets Honoured

Wow, another one of those heroic acts made by a dog. In this case, it is a police dog from Roseville named ‘Major’. The sad thing was that he was injured, after being stabbed four time by the ruthless suspect. This is such a despicable act, one which I could not tolerate myself. The dog’s life was safe, but he was left permanently disabled. The suspect was punished for such crime.

As a result of Major’s act of courage and loyalty, he was given a ‘Hero’ award by Sen. Amy Klobuchar. The good side is that Major was given recognition, in spite of the sad fact that he had to endure such painful consequences.

For the pet enthusiasts out there who love their dogs dearly, it might be heartbreaking for them to witness their dogs suffering the same experience that Major went through. Nevertheless, Major remains to be a symbol of selfless bravery that not even most humans can show.

Major seems like a cute and fierce name for a dog, though. Do you have other unique male dog names to share?

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