Save Stray Dogs

There are many parts in the world where stray dogs are found. Most people who pass by just think that they are perfectly fine, because, after all, they are meant to be wild. They are born to hunt and look for food. These people must have forgotten that dogs, from their ancient predecessors who have been wild, were domesticated by no less than humans. Naturally, biological and coping factors of dogs will change along the way. Dog nutrition will also change significantly. You can only imagine how cruel some humans can become.

I came across a heartbreaking yet relevant post from CBS Detroit, depicting the situation of stray dogs in Detroit. From there, a video can be viewed about the helpless cases of so many stray dogs in the said place. Most owners leave their dogs behind when moving out, and as the seasons change, these dogs often starve or freeze to death because they have nowhere to go, and no one to look after them.

A dog is a man’s best friend. When the master is in need, the dog is there—to comfort, to accompany, and to stay. But when the dog is need, sometimes the master is just nowhere to be found. You can always do something for them—join relevant clubs, sign up for news, donate to dog charities, or simply spread the word on how dogs should be treated right.

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