Ant Bite on Dog

We never realize how dangerous an Ant Bite On a Dog until it happens to us. About three weeks ago by dog Bubble got himself into a big mess, he tired to dig up a ant pile and consequence to that he got bit from head to toe, I didn’t realize that he had gotten tortured by millions of ants until I came home and found him almost dead on my front porch, my mediate reaction was he must of eating something and is intoxicated but when I looked at him he had scratches all over himself including his face I immediately called 911 they were here in 15 minutes. When they got Here they took him to the nearest vet hospital and when I saw doctor he asked me what had I told him I think it has something to do with ants, the doctors face turned from yellow to pale he told me that Ant Bites On Dogs are highly dangerous and that they were going to have to some blood test on him to see if the poison hadn’t taken over my poor dogs body. The test came back and the results were good but my dog had to stay in the hospital for three weeks. Ever since this traumatic experience I have been warning dog owner with big properties the dangers of Ant Bites On Dogs some believe me others just laugh and say yeah right, I also have destroyed any ant pile in my back yard this way my dog is safe from these terrible red ants. Ant Bites On Dogs can cause a very slow and painful death, so pet parents make sure your backyards are ant free.

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