Picture of Flea Bite on Dog

T he other day we got online to see a Picture Of Flea Bites on a Dog. We wanted to be able to identify whether or not our dog had them, as he was quite itchy. Some dogs are sensitive to fleabites and develop allergies because of them. Fleabite allergy is considered as being a seasonal allergy that worsens during the summer and fall. Even in temperate areas or in cases with home infestations, the symptoms of fleabite allergies seem to worsen in the summer and fall. Dogs that have flea allergies will bite at the base of their tail and scratch frequently. One fleabite alone can cause hours and days of severe itching. You will be able to identify this by looking at the dog’s tail as in many cases the dogs have a characteristic of loss or thinning hair above the base of the tail. In addition fleas or flea feces can be found on the dog the majority of the time. The feces, or flea dirt will dissolve into a red color when moistened. This will occur because fleas drink blood. To avoid fleabites on your dog make sure the dog is bathed or treated regularly. This is a good way to keep them far away. A dog that has been severely affected might feel itchy all over his body and will have hair loss in several spot of his body and red inflamed skin. Hot spots are often a result of fleabite allergies as well. If you do not know how to identify fleabites on your dog you can talk to your veterinarian about it or ask a professional dog groomer. Another option is to look at a Picture of a Flea Bite on a Dog on the Internet.

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