Belgian Shepherd Dog Breed (Malinois)


The main difference between the Belgian Malinois and its two native counterparts, the Tervueren and the Groenendael is the coat and in case of the latter one, the color. The Malinois has the same type as its relatives – it can be compared to a less-weighted Alsatian and with less longer paws – and in its native country it was used almost at the same extent as the Shepherd Dog. However, in regards to its coat texture, it is more similar to the Alsatian than to its longer-coated relatives. What is very interesting is that all three Belgian Shepherd dog varieties have the same curious aversion to run straight forwards; instead, they run in circles.

The Malinois has the same coat color as the Tervueren; it varies from beige to mahogany, with black ends, with lighter tones in the belly. No white color is accepted but in the fingers and a little white spot on the chest. Its height at withers is 60-66 cm in male dogs and 56-62 for female dogs.