Diestrus is a stage also known as metestrus, although what properly corresponds to the name metestrus is exclusively a short transition phase between estrus and diestrus; view to its duration of approximately 63 days, it corresponds to the time of a complete pregnancy and, in fact, the hormonal levels in this phase are the same if the female has become pregnant or not. This explains why, at least until now, it isn't easy to diagnose pregnancy by means of hormonal studies, because the levels of progesterone remain high, reaching the highest level around the 15th day of diestrus and later going down gradually. It's very common that after the second or third day of diestrus the female dog violently refuses the intentions of the male dog. It's funny because many breeders believe that this rejection is due to the fact that she is already pregnant, and many times this situation is only the appearance of psychological pregnancies.

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