Dog Breeding and Mating Process

There is still another consideration to take into account; the bitch must be, as we've already seen, in perfect health conditions and, also, in her exact weight level, well muscled. And obese dog has more possibilities of presenting serious difficulties during birth, and even in being fertilized and the explanation is very clear. Is she is excessively fat, around the ovaries, apart from the natural layer of grease that protects them, an even greater quantity of grease will have accumulated and the ovules will have difficulty to descend by the oviducts towards the uterus, which means that the sperm will not find anything to fertilize.

Besides, it is clear that an obese dog is one that does not normally exercise, and therefore when the time comes for the abdominal muscles to help the uterine contractions to push the puppies outwards, there will be a lack of normal muscular tension which can result in the phenomenon that we know as "dystocia", subject which I will delve into later on.

There's another aspect to be taken into account. When there is too much grease, it makes it logically difficult for the surgical knife to get through in a C-section and, also, for the veterinarian pool has to extract the puppies in order to save their life and of the mother. Be, then, conscious of all of this and foster the best possible conditions so that these complications can not take place.

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