Dog Labor or Birth Problems

The first signals that must make you suspect that there are any problems are on one side the fact that if after you have noticed that the bitch's body temperature has gone down and 24 hours go by and she still does not begin labor. Another thing that should equally alert you is the fact that after visually recognizing the first strong contractions, two hours go by without any puppy coming out. The most common reason for these the delays to take place is the uterine inertia or what is the same, the lack of muscular tone in the uterus, although you must also suspect of the existence of hormonal anomalies. However, the latter has not been scientifically proven.

We already know that when the puppy goes towards and through the vagina, it stimulates the contractions that help it come out; it is for this reason that many times is very useful to introduce your fingers (properly covered in sterile gloves) into the vagina and make pressure on the abdominal wall in order to stimulate contractions, the technique known as "feathering". However, if once you have induced contractions, it takes more than 30 minutes for the puppy to be born, he can mean that it is either too big or not well-positioned.

The best thing to do then is to be able to evaluate the kind of problem and act accordingly, most often turning to the help of the veterinarian.

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