Keeping Control in between the Female Dog's Heat Cycles

The first heat cycle is a very important moment in the life of female dogs and many owners, breeders veterinarians and scientists think that they are complete development should be allowed, even more so because the first one is usually less plentiful. In addition, this helps the female experiment were normal state of adulthood, thus reaching full maturity. Besides, there are people who believe that administering heat control methods and such a young age can bring about consequences in the future. Anyhow, on the market there are different estrus control methods, about which you can discuss with your veterinarian who must let you know all the pros and cons related to their use. Both progestogens and androgenics inhibit the production of gonadotropin in the pituitary gland; they both have important secondary effects.

Concretely the compounds based on progesterone, progestogens, produce the overstimulation of the uterus, which can give way to endometric hyperplasias or endometritis or even, in more extreme cases, piometra, due to the high sensibility of many female dogs towards their own progesterone.

As far as androgenics (testosterone is normally used), we all know that they are mainly used as anabolics, presenting as the main secondary effect the enlargement of the clitoris, which can produce an imitation to the vagina or vaginitis; in many cases when this enlargement occurs, surgical reduction is necessary. Besides it is proven that the puppies of testosterone-treated bitches many times present serious urogenital anomalies and that, besides, they can suffer from hepathical problems, as well as the mother.

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