Laponian Reindeer Herding Dog Breed (Lapphund)


The traditional role of the Laponian Reindeer Herding Dog was to help its master to guard reindeer herds. Primitively, it is possible that the dog was used for hunting savage reindeers, but when Laponian people managed to tame their reindeers, they proceeded to train the dog and make it an exceptional Herding dog. When Laponian people found other ways of living, apart from reindeer raising, the situation became critical for the Laponian Reindeer Herding Dog. Nevertheless, the breed was saved due to the sudden interest given in the Southern regions of the country, to the point that it is now becoming a luxury dog and company dog.

The dogs that stay in Laponia are commonly the result of breeding with other dog breeds. However, the dog that were "exported" to the South on the beginnings, have continued to be, in general, pure breed. The Laponian Reindeer Herding Dog is an animal a little flatted, a bit lower than a medium-sized one, but it is a dog typically Pomeranian in every aspect. The coat has to be abundant has give the impression to be straight-haired.

The best color is considered the brown type (similar to bears), but the most common one is black. However, brown and black are also acceptable. Its height at withers is 45-50 cm for dogs, and 40-45 for female dogs.