Main differences between the Female Dog and the Male Dog

Before the sexual differentiation takes place in the embryo, about 30 days after fertilization, the primitive sexual organs are identical in the male and female. They are gonads (glands in which gametes -- sex cells -- are produced) that will transform into testicles or ovaries, depending on the final sex. As a party mentioned before, the ovaries of the female did not change places during the dog's entire life whereas a male that testicles must little by little descend until they're in their place in the scrotum.

The reproductive organs in the mail can be divided in four categories according to the role they play in the production and evacuation of semen, which is nothing else but the fluid that contains the glandular secretions and masculine sexual cells, known by the name of spermatozoids or simply sperm and which must be deposited in the feminine genital tract during the period corresponding to ovulation. The masculine gonads are the testicles which emigrate when the puppies are approximately 4 months old; however, this process does often delay up to six or eight months. When only one testicle descends to the scrotum, it is called "cryptorchidy" or more commonly "monorchidism", but it none of the testicles descends then it is called "bilateral cryptorchidy".

A conducts system transports the sperm from the testicles after the spermatozoids have matured in them and mixed with the fluids. The male has, he sighs, a second sexual gland which we know as prostate, responsible for producing the fluids that are mixed with the spermatozoids along with the rest of fluids produced by the testicles themselves, constituting a portion of the semen itself. Finally the external sexual organ of the male, the penis along with the foreskin, is responsible for the physical placement of the scene in the interior of the vagina during mating.

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