Male Dog Behaviors in Presence of a Female Dog in Heat

It is important to mention here what the behavior of the male in presence of a female in heat is, so here are the most common ones:

  • Raising the tail high above the back.
  • Smelling the snout, ears and back of the female.
  • Smelling the croup.
  • Smelling the area of the vulva.
  • Licking the snout, ears and back of the female.
  • Insistently licking the vulva.
  • Playfully provoking, kneeling on the front legs and arching his back.
  • Struggling with the bitch.
  • Chasing the bitch.
  • Marking his territory with urine.
  • Standing right next to the female.
  • Leaning one or two days on the back of her.
  • Mounting and firmly grasping her sides with his front paws.
  • Making forceful impulses with his pelvis.
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