Most common anomalies and malformation in newborn puppies

Absence of the Anal Orifice: The apparently healthy and perfect puppy can lack the anal orifice and although in many cases this can be surgically corrected, the solution only makes the animal's life difficult which is why it is most recommendable to sacrifice the dog.

Leporine Lip: This condition is becoming less and less common and is usually associated with cleft palate, which is originated by the fact that the upper lip can not join in the center. Although this defect can be surgically corrected, it isn't advisable because in most cases the presence of leporine lip implies other serious congenital defects, which are less visible.

Open fontanel: Do this defect is due to the inability of the frontal bones of the brain to ossify. In some breeds like the Chihuahua and other ones with a very puffed cranium, this problem is very common, but you must always consider the option of sacrificing the puppy when it's a newborn, instead of letting him go through the suffering for the rest of his life and he is easily prone to brain damage.

Anasarca: This is a generalized edema with accumulation of serum in subcutaneous connective tissue. What motivates this disease is not totally clarified; however, as this disease is usually fatal in the short term, it is preferable to sacrifice the dog immediately upon birth.

Hydrocephaly: Hydrocephaly is an abnormal condition in which cerebrospinal fluid collects in the ventricles of the brain; in newborns it can cause abnormally rapid growth of the head and bulging fontanelles and a small face. Therefore, it is recommendable to simply sacrifice the animal upon birth. Bear in mind, though, that this condition sometimes does not appear until a few days after birth.

Cleft palate: This is a congenital fissure in the roof of the mouth, resulting from incomplete fusion of the palate during embryonic development. It may involve only the uvula (a small pendant fleshy lobe at the back of the soft palate) or extend through the entire palate. Puppies are affected by this condition are unable to suck on their mother's breasts. It is usually more common in breeds that have short snouts like the pekinese, bulldog, boxer and pug. Any puppy that is affected by this and not only must be immediately sacrificed even though they tell you that there is a chance he can be saved in the long run. He would never be a perfectly healthy dog.

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