Phases of the Dog Embryo & Fetus


  • 96 hrs.
    Divides into two cells
  • 120 hrs.
    Divides into four cells
  • 144 hrs.
    Divides into eight cells
  • 192 hrs.
    The morula is constituted
  • 9 days
    The morula installs itself in the uterus
  • 15 days
    A blastocyte is formed, which is still floating around freely in the uterus
  • 18 days
    The placentas are developed
  • 20 days
    The ovules have changed in shape in order to become embryos that adhere to the walls of the uterine horns; the nervous system is already formed
  • 28 days
    The embryos are already oval shaped & measure approx. 14-18 mm
  • 30 days
    The sexual characteristics are already present and the eyes are covered by the eyelids
  • 40 days
    The abdominal swelling is already noticeable in the mother, especially if there is a considerable number of puppies
  • 45 days
    From this moment on, the growth of the fetus is very fast
  • 51 days
    The bones of the fetuses are already calcified and therefore can be seen by means of x-rays in order to verify their positioning and approximate number
  • 57 days
    The fetuses have already completed their prenatal development and are ready to be born. From the 58th day on, whelping is imminent
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