Redbone Coonhound Dog Breed

North America

The redbone is one of the six varieties of coonhound that there are in different regions of North America. It is probably the most known of the five varieties that are not officially acknowledged by the American Canine Club. The sixth – the back and tan coonhound- the most recognized, is not frequently seen in American canine exhibitions. The redbone is not only of a different type but it is considered a more efficient water dog than its officially recognized relative.

The black and tan coonhound has some similarities with the Saint Hubert hound regarding aspect and that is why it was recognized as a separate breed. Regarding other varieties of coonhounds; it was decided that these varieties look a lot like the foxhunt therefore they do not deserve to be acknowledged as separate breeds. Therefore the redbone lacks of affinity with the Saint Hubert hound but it cannot be described nowadays as a dog that is identical to the foxhound varieties. It is much lighter and its legs are longer than the English Foxhound. The color is always golden and shiny lion-like. Its height at withers is about 65 cm.