Give your Dog a Rest Between Births

Studies carried out in the last few years have demonstrated that either if the beach has been fertilized and given birth to a litter or it knocked, the uterus suffers the same modifications and notably increases in size and takes about 150 days to recuperate as a consequence of the stimulation of progesterone. If to this, we add the fact that nursing a hungry litter for approximately 4 to 6 weeks produces a significant strain on the body, even on a perfectly healthy bitch, we have to think that she's going to need some good vacations in order to be totally in shape before her next litter.

There are certainly some irresponsible breeders that are in a hurry to make a profit on their investment, and are not really interested in taking these facts into consideration, but of course, they're also putting their dog's life in danger in many ways. In the wild, the female wolves, jackals and foxes only enter in heat once a year and, therefore, have enough time to recuperate between one litter and the next, and that is because nature is wise; however, domestication has implanted new physiological behavior traits. The argument of those that do not respect those periods of rest is precisely that if nature has given domesticated bitches a heat cycle every six months, they have to take advantage of it regardless of the consequences of a selfish and irresponsible attitude.

However, when we talk about bitches that have a heat cycle every 10 months, for example, then there is a possibility of disregarding this intermediate rest as there has been enough time since the last pregnancy (150 days are necessary for the uterus and other organs to completely recuperate).

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