Slovakian Shepherd Breed (Slovakian Kuvasz)


It is believed that the Slovakian Kuvasz descends from the Kuvasz of Hungary, that is a bit more common but it actually looks like the Tatra Shepherd. One may say that these three breeds are local varieties of the same Shepherd breed in their respective countries. Both the Polish breed and the Slovakian breed are known by the name of Tatra dogs, which is the name of the mountain range that extends through both countries and where the two breeds have been living for a long time.

Despite its smaller height, the Slovakian kuvasz has an appearance almost as imposing its closest relatives. It has a robust skeleton and a vivacious temperament and it is brave and intelligent. It is probably that its name comes from the word in Slovak that means hearing.

At first, only the white haired specimens were raised so that the dog could be easily differentiated from the prey animals in the dark. The pure white is still the most acceptable color while a less pure white tone is also desired. However, the other colors have a strong penalty.

The height at withers must be about 60 cm but without exceeding 70 in males and 65 in females.