Symptoms of False Canine Pregnancy or Pseudocyesis

Most dogs that experience a false pregnancy begin to show some swelling in the mammary glands about 5 weeks after their heat cycle has finished. If you have bred your bitch, you will be elated that she "is getting ready to have pups". You might also be wondering why she isn't starting to show a big belly. Many dogs whether they are bred or not, will develop a false pregnancy, and look, act, and even think as if they are pregnant. Some will carry small toys or pillows around and even start digging a nesting site wherever they please. When it is about the same time in which they would be delivering the puppies, usually 63 days after a mating, milk will come out on its own from the mammary glands. Some dogs become distressed because they cannot find the puppies they psychologically feel they should be nursing.

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