Vagina and Vulva of a Female Dog

Female dogs usually have a vagina which is extraordinarily long and deep, very muscular and capable of a great dilatation; in a middle sized dog, it can be approximately 14 cm long, causing a lot of difficulties due to its extreme length. The vagina is lined by epithelial cells which change during the different phases of the cycle, making it easy to detect when it is better true proceed with the mating process or the exact moment of ovulation by means of cytological studies. From there, the vagina is separated from the vestibule or vestibular zone by a muscular ring which must not be confused for the uterine neck, in which many times the fibrose membrane that can interfere during penetration or the transiting of puppies is present, causing problems to either process.

The vestibule that I have mentioned is the transition zone in between the vagina itself and the vulva and is many times simply called the vagina, without any distinction whatsoever. It is in this zone where the urethra enters through a bulginess, and just behind the union with the vagina. And it's here where the clitoris is, which contains greasy and erectile tissue. The vulva conforms the external part and opening of the genital tract and is surrounded by lips that form a soft, vertical slit, which is full of pleats. During the period of proestrus and estrus, it had a lawyer is enormous proportions, giving you the first evidence signal that the dog has entered in heat.

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