When to consider Breeding your Female Dog

When you have decided that you want to breed your dog, you must bear in mind a series of fundamental criterion and principles in order to ensure the success of your endeavor. In the following pages I will cover one by one the different concepts that will guide you and ensure that everything will come out OK and that you don't, at any time, put the life of your dog at risk, neither forcing unwanted or undesired situations or circumstances.

The Ideal Age for the First Pregnancy

Rest between birth and birth -- a must

The Overdue First-Timer

The Last Pregnancy

Keeping Control in between the Female Dog's Heat Cycles

Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding Why a Female Progesterone Stop Breeding Overdue Must Rest Fertilization Diestrus Ovaries Breasts Vagina/Vulva Disadvantages Female Dog Female Organs Female/Male Hormonal Functions Estrus Phases Fertilization Estrus Cycle Life Stages Euthanasia When? Keeping Control Ovariohysterectomy Hormonal Therapy